(aka cleaning up microwave popcorn)


When we brought our first son, Quinn, home we set out on a mission to clean up microwave popcorn. Someone had to take this icon of adulterated food and transform it into something anyone can feel good about sharing with friends and family. After a sleepless year our popcorn was finally ready!

First, we tackled the bag. Gone are the chemical coatings (PFOA, PFCs, plastic liners, etc.). We even pulled out the susceptor (gray metal/plastic patch). The result was our Pure Pop Bag made from paper that’s pressed to make it grease proof. Did we mention, it’s even compostable?

The ingredients got even more attention. We never use GMO corn, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The popcorn is organic. The cheeses are rBGH-free. The maple comes from Vermont. The expeller pressed oils are high in omega-3’s. Plain and simple, our mission is to provide you with the best bag of microwave popcorn.