Movin_In (1)

A New Home

Kristy and I arrived in Boston five years ago to an apartment rented sight unseen. We drove 18 hours to get there with our dog Colby watching the changing landscape in the back seat. A dream job brought us there, and now pursuing our dream of owning our own company is sending us to a […]


C.V.’s Fall Beer Picks

I set out to write a little post on summer beers, but we all know how quickly summer can disappear. So here’s a list of some favorite fall seasonal brews that we’ve drinking around the QP office of late! Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Co. (Lakewood, NY) Beer: Pumking Style: Imperial Pumpkin Ale ABV: 8.6% There’s […]


Quinn Goes Classic

A year ago we scoffed at the idea of making a butter microwave popcorn. To us, butter popcorn was squarely against everything we stood for. We were asked all the time, but we literally laughed at the idea. We were pretty confident and, as it turned out, really really wrong. What was our issue with […]


Small, The Unfair Advantage (Underdogs Counterpoint)

Our last post titled Underdogs dug into some of the challenges of being a tiny company in a marketplace of giant brands. The cost and efficiency challenges are very real, but being small also has a set of huge advantages. There is so much we can do that they can’t! Fast and flexible: Making a […]



We have so much working in our favor and those are the things we focus on. Optimism, after all, is an invaluable competency for anyone trying to turn a new idea into a company. Sometimes, however, we can’t ignore the reality that we are swimming against the current. Grocery stores are packed with big national […]


Minutia, Core, and Epic

A year ago I quit my job and went full time at Quinn Popcorn. It’s been an incredible year, but Kristy and I are still learning how to run our own company. In truth, it’s a whole new skill set, and it’s a real challenge. Kristy spends half of her average day on the phone. […]


Hickory Smoked Cheddar + Olive Oil & Herbs

We are ready to release our first new flavors since we started Quinn Popcorn! We have a super scientific methodology for creating new flavors. We try everything we (and you) can think of. Some are just okay. Other’s become staples at QP warehouse. That’s pretty much it. A big part of the year we spent […]


Food Startup Friends

When we started Quinn Popcorn we had no food industry knowledge. It was just the two of us, newborn Quinn, and an idea. Our lack of experience didn’t really worry us because we assumed that we would just learn as we went. That’s not exactly how it happened. The food industry is full of complexities and pitfalls. […]

Quinn Popcorn Cards

Upcycled Biz Cards

We have new business cards. Is this a big deal? Nope. But we did it our way, and I think it’s pretty cool. It took us well over a year to get our first business cards. We had too much on our plate, and we wanted to feel like Quinn Popcorn was the real deal […]

Kristy Quinn Popcorn

Thank You 2012

Just over a year ago Quinn Popcorn was an attic run experiment selling in a few local stores. Now we are a national product available in hundreds of stores across the country. In the world of food we are teeny tiny, but it’s still hard for us to comprehend how much as happened in a year. It’s […]